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Titus Grinding EK43 Volumetric Double Doser with RDT


Studying practices found in the pharmaceutical industry for dosing, Titus Grinding designed a volumetric coffee bean dosing tool for the EK43. This tool goes one step further and incorporates automatic RDT (Ross Droplet Technique) to all coffee being dosed.

Easily mounting to your EK43, the unit precisely doses coffee beans from the hopper into the grind chamber via a smooth action slider bar. The dosing tool comes with spacers designed to facilitate dose accuracy, as coffee bean size often varies based on variety, region, etc.

The slider bar is made from a bio-compatible polyethylene material, exceeding food safety regulations. The black hopper mount is made from ‘lead free’ aluminium with an anodised protective finish.

This device is ideal if you are wanting to quickly and easily serve two different hoppers of coffee utilizing a single EK43. Further, with its built-in RDT, this device is ideal to pair with our EK43 Portafilter Holder, as the doser will automatically apply RDT to the beans just before the enter the grind chamber, reducing static and retention of grinds.