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The Force Tamper 58.5mm Distributor Base


Fancy a distributor and tamper at the same time? then this accessory could be the answer! simply unscrew your standard force tamper and replace it with this distributor base and start extracting your spro like a pro!

The 'Force Tamp' is a revolutionary adjustable pressure punch tamper with automatic levelling, a similar punch action to an automatic centre punch. Pressed against the coffee bed, energy is stored in the tamp, which is then released as an impulse, compressing the coffee with metered force.

This pressure is consistent every time the Force Tamper is used, and can be repeated without the need for physical exertion. When the Force is with you, not only is a barista’s endurance lengthened, but it will save a lot of the hard work, shot after shot.

  • Easily changed, food grade stainless steel inserts.
  • Shaped wooden handles for comfort.