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SSP Grinding Solutions

SSP Flat Burrs Red Speed 98mm Diameter For Mahlkoenig EK43 & EK43s

  • $719.00

This custom geometry burr set is made  by SSP Grinding Solutions. The even and smooth design of this custom burr geometry produces a consistent and uniform grind. The special coating red speed TiAICN Titanium Aluminium carbon Nitride  has many advantages on the burr and the ground coffee

  • Protection for the burr geometry
  • Low coefficient of heat propagation
  • Higher cutting forces
  • Improved surface of the burr
  • Reduce tendency for cracks
  • 5+ tones of coffee
  • SSP Flat Burrs Red Speed 98mm Diameter For Mahlkoenig EK43 & EK43s
  • Titus Grinding EK43 Alignment Tool
Titus Grinding

Titus Grinding EK43 Alignment Tool

  • $289.00

It is not uncommon for the stationary burr within the EK43 to become misaligned as a result of maintenance or cleaning. The Titus Alignment Tool uses a custom mounting bracket with a dial indicator, allowing you to check that the burr is properly aligned to the drive shaft and make adjustments, if needed.

Precision is a key quality differentiating great from good. Barista Group further recommends using this kit in conjunction with one of our burr carriers, as this kit does not align the moving burr carrier.

We Are Barista Group

Barista Group aims to share what we learn, in addition to the products we believe will improve the way baristas work, and increase productivity for café operations.

We're made up of a team of likeminded professionals with a common curiosity to explore and discover state-of-the-art products, and work together to make these dynamic tools available to the industry. The main objective is to make innovative tools and devices available to the Australian coffee industry. Our focus is on providing equipment that is engineered with precision, improves workflow, and ultimately saves precious time.

Barista Group is the brainchild of Joe Chalhoub, a coffee professional with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Joe started his hospitality career in France, where he studied a bachelor in Hotel Management, and went on to specialise in the coffee industry. He has proven experience in café management, coffee consultancy, marketing, operations management, and business development.

With his commitment to facilitating the barista role, while also improving efficiency for café owners, Joe established Barista Group at the beginning of 2017. The name was inspired by the fact that at the heart of each member of our group is a passion for making great coffee, which is exactly what the myriad of baristas around the world do day in day out. We aim to share our products with this broader group of baristas, and in turn assist in meeting the needs of consumers in Australia’s ever growing café culture.